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Bee Cave Residents Love Rao Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center!

Bee Cave Chiropractors, Drs. Susan and Madan Rao

Drs. Susan and Madan Rao

What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Rao Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center patient testimonials below and please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in health,
Drs. Susan and Madan Rao



See what people have to say

  • I felt welcomed, safe and hopeful from the time I stepped through the door. Thank you!
    - Camryn M.
  • Thank you for a wonderful experience.
    - Linda R.
  • They helped me with the adjustment in a swift and competent manner.
    - Grayson K.
  • Appreciate seeing me so quickly and taking care of my concerns regarding my injury.
    - Linda M.
  • I am hopeful you will be able to resolve my issues as my life has been truly altered and I am not able to live in a normal manner. I feel confident for the first time in five horrible months that I may find some relief.
    - Deedee D.
  • Such a great experience! Thank you! I am pain free for the first time in a month after one visit.
    - Lisa K.
  • I was very unsure if I could be helped, but the whole staff was very reassuring that I would benefit from your treatment.
    - Barbara B.
  • Your front desk and support staff are so friendly! They make it very welcoming to come to the office!
    - Adrienne G.
  • Dr Rao and Nina were both extremely caring and professional. Thank you for helping me feel much better!
    - Barbara P.
  • I’m very pleased with my experience. Staff are very engaging, humorous and easy to talk to. Dr. Rao’s attention to detail and comforting prognosis were just what I needed.
    - Fred S.
  • Loved everything about Rao Family Chiropractic….awesome Doctor and wonderful place!
    - Colton K.
  • Thank you for making time to see me at the last minute – especially during this time of isolation. I was extremely pleased with the way I was treated.
    - Ginny S.
  • I had an emergency neck problem. Dr. Rao was able to get me in for an appointment that afternoon, with a follow-up the next morning (with clear instructions for home treatment) that proved very effective already in resolving almost all of my pain and immobility already. I am impressed.
    - Richard E.
  • The team was very informative and helpful. Appreciate Dr Rao wanting to view my MRI. Dr Rao was very concerned that I had pain and gave me different options which I like.
    - Charlene D.
  • The office staff and doctor were all very kind, informative, and professional.
    - Kathy K.
  • Thank you for reducing my neck pain. You passed!
    - Marla B.
  • Everyone is so friendly and helpful and of course, knowledgeable. I look forward to my next appointment!
    - Jo T.
  • I was referred by a friend. She RAVED about the service and Dr. Rao. Nothing short of an amazing experience! Thank you for beginning my treatment. Excited to get better back health!
    - Lisa B.
  • I think Dr. Rao has more “updated” Chiropractic info and training than most in his field.
    - Bonita G.
  • So appreciate your kindness & compassion and even seeing me when I was late!!
    - Jeannie S.
  • You are all wonderful! I have been pain free since my last visit.
    - Erin M.

"Amazing First Experience"

This was our first chiropractor experience and it was amazing. I made the appointment for my son based on a referral and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience. The staff was patient, thoughtful, thorough, and caring. We were in and out on time and my son has relief and is excited to continue treatment! Thank you!!

Walker G.

"Kind and Helpful"

I was moderately nervous about coming to the chiropractor because my hip was injured by another practitioner. Everyone in Dr Rao's office was kind and helpful. I felt very good about the treatment plan moving forward. I work in medical sales and see many offices. I highly recommend this one.

Chris S.

"Thank You for Giving Me Hope"

Thank you for giving me hope that my healthy active lifestyle can be restored down the line with treatment. In the past, it has always simply been a treatment for pain rather than getting to the root of the issue and restoring functionality.

Erin S.

"Incredibly Friendly and Helpful"

The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Dr. Rao really listened, was very gentle with my neck, and gave me hope that he can help get me back in alignment. Very impressed and optimistic after my first visit. Thank you!

Lisa B.

"Wonderful and Receptive"

Dr. Rao's adjustment technique was perfect for me. He saw me on a walk in visit when I was having an allergic reaction. It was the first step to my healing. His practice was located next to my eye doctor's and I intuitively felt drawn to go in. The staff was wonderful and receptive and I didn't have to wait long. I've decided to use his treatments a lot more and so glad I went in. I was formerly a massage therapist for three chiropractors and I believe in spinal health as the mainstay of overall stability of the nervous system's intelligence. Listening to our bodies is important.

Deborah H.


The staff was professional and welcoming. Dr. Susan Rao was thorough, encouraging and helped me on my first visit. I was a walk-in and I was grateful for the treatment. I look forward to working with Rao Chiropractic.

Karla M.

"Kind and Respectful"

Very kind staff who treat people kindly and with respect. The office attempts to suit everyone's schedules with a smile. The doctor was very good about explaining things well and also had great demeanor with the patient.

Gretchen W.

"I Feel Like Myself Again"

I feel so much better already!! Thank you for making me feel like myself again. I look forward to lore treatment and getting back to working out!!! I have already referred you to my friends. From the time I arrived I was greeted with compassion and I fell confident I will finally get the help that I need!

Jacquelyn F.

"Loved the Experience"

Loved the whole experience with Rao Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center! I came in with low back pain. The staff were friendly, clear and organized. The feel of the clinic is best in class and refreshingly welcoming. Dr Susan Rao was incredible, she speaks with authority and listens to all of my symptoms to deeply understand and treat the cause. I was very impressed.

Amanda W.

"I Was Very Impressed"

I was late to my appointment which embarrassed me to death, but everyone there was so nice to me. I thought everyone was very caring and I feel that Dr. Rao will be able to help me - even if it takes a while to get there. I was very impressed and happy about my first experience with these wonderful and kind people. Thank you so much!

Leslie B.

"Gentle and Professional"

I was never there before but heard very good things about the practice. I was in a lot of pain so decided to walk in and see if and when I could be seen. Dr. Rao saw I was in pain and took me right then and there. He was gentle, professional and informative. I feel so much better already. I admit I was afraid and hesitant about going but I am so glad I did and I will continue to see him.

Christine C.

"Excellent Experience"

Excellent experience from the first interaction on the phone with Nina to my departure from the office.

Dan M.

"In Almost Immediately"

Dr. Rao was very experienced in the Chiropractic field and the staff were very nice. I was able to just walk in and get appointment because I had serious neck pain, They got me in to be treated me almost immediately.

Ken A.

"A Great Bedside Manner"

From my first phone call for help with my lower back pain to seeing Dr. Rao, it was a very good experience. The staff and doctor were professional and efficient with a great bedside manner. I had never been to a chiropractic practice before and am pleased with the results for my first time visit.

San D.

"Genuinely Concerned With Helping"

My experience was wonderful! Dr Rao was gentle, thorough and I could sense he was genuinely concerned with helping you feel better. The office staff was awesome and you couldnt help but feel a strong sense of family. The office decor had the feel of Zen which made the experience even more great! Looking forward to more treatments.

Lisa B.

"Visiting From Out of Town"

I was visiting my daughter and Dr. Rao was able to work me in promptly and his adjustment was precisely what I would have gotten from my regular chiropractor near my home

Yvonne P.

"Excellent Bedside Manner"

Excellent bedside manner and staff is very courteous and attentive. I can't tell you how at ease I felt even prior to treatment. Will definitely continue to see him!

Kristina W.

"I Am A True Believer"

I was skeptical at first that seeing a Chiropractor could help with my injury. After three visits, I am a true believer. I could barely walk two weeks ago and with a few adjustments, I'm feeling like myself again. Dr. Rao and his staff are AMAZING!

Cristen S.

"Great Impression"

I moved here from New England and began looking for a chiropractor like I'd had there that I just loved. Not easy! Rao Family Chiropractic was my second attempt and I was rewarded greatly! My first great impressions was when I called to make an appointment for a no obligation consultation (which I highly advise when looking for any new provider so you can see how the office looks, runs and how the doctor will manage your care), Nina was very helpful, friendly and polite. Second was when I walked through the door...greeted immediately by Nina at the front desk and the overall feeling of the office which is very warm and inviting, beautifully laid out. And last but not least was Dr. Rao himself who listened to my tail of woes in finding a chiropractor who would be a good fit for me and my family. Dr. Rao is wonderful, gentle, knowledgeable and adjusts me in a way that doesn't hurt or scare me. I am so excited to have found someone I can tell my family and friends I'm willing to recommend!
Thank you Dr. Rao and Nina!

Anita C.

"No Knee Pain"

I came in with lots of pain in my back and left with no pain! And I am very optimistic about putting off my knee replacement for a long time! Thanks Dr. Rao!

Susan E.

"Helping Chronic Ear Infections"

So glad I found someone to help my son with his chronic ear infections. Thankful that I met Aly and Susan who let me know about this practice.

Jake H.

"Exceeded All Expectations"

This office and the staff exceeded all of my expectations. Nina always greets us by name and has a smile on her face. Dr. Rao is encouraging, knows what he's talking about and has a fantastic bed side manner.

Katie D.

"Extremely Knowledgeable"

Dr. Rao and staff are extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating. Great experience and great results.

Jeannie S.


Everyone was extremely nice and helpful from the moment I walked in till I left. This was my first chiropractor visit and I was nervous. The staff made me feel at ease and I finally feel hopeful that I found a place that can help ease my back pain.

Ashley K.

"Very Kind"

Very kind and sympathetic to the pain I was in. Looking forward to working together!

Kim J.

"Caring And Welcoming"

Rao Family Chiropractic is very professional, but very caring and welcoming. I felt comfortable from the minute I walked in the door and the staff made me feel that they care about my health concerns and wellness. They are great!

Duanne W.

"Positive Outlook"

Dr. Rao has great bedside manner and always has a positive outlook. Nina that works up front is always very nice and helpful. I would recommend this practice.

Maryann M.

"Looking Forward To Feeling Better!"

I was nervous about going to a new chiropractor because the previous one I saw was quite painful but Dr. Rao was excellent. He addressed all of my concerns and explained everything wonderfully. I would recommend him to everyone looking forward to feeling better!

Rebecca R.

"Friendly and Professional Atmosphere!"

I have really enjoyed my first experiences with Nina and Dr. Rao. It's such a friendly and professional atmosphere at the center and I feel right at home already. Dr. Rao takes the time to thoroughly explain what is going on in my body and how we are going to treat it. I feel as if I'm in great hands, and I'll be recommending the center highly!

Brian B.

"I was sold on the benefits of chiropractic for pregnant women!"

My name is Bonita and I am 32 year old mother of a 22 month old, and about to be a mother for the second time in February 2008. During my first pregnancy, I began to see Dr. Rao on a regular basis. I was sold on the benefits of chiropractic for pregnant women - it helps to keep the mom's body in alignment when everything wants to shift and move, in turn this creates the maximum amount of space in the womb for the baby; delivery is also said to be easier because when everything is in alignment, the baby has more room to pass through the pelvic area and birth canal. That being said, I had no major pain issues before or after seeing Dr. Rao. I just wanted to make sure that my body was ready to take on the tremendous trauma of carrying a child and giving birth. When it came time to deliver, everything went well; four or five pushes and we were done. I fully contribute the ease of delivery to having been adjusted throughout my pregnancy.
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Being pregnant with baby #2 has been a bit of a different story up to this point. At around 8 weeks into this pregnancy, I started having lower back/hip pain in the SI region. It was triggered by a trip that my husband and I took to Chicago where we did a ton of walking all over the city for several days in a row. On the last day, I felt what I thought was my hip "popping" out of place. It hurt to walk at times and it felt like the joint would "catch" every now and then while walking. I thought I just needed rest and that it would go away on its own. I hadn't planned on seeing a chiropractor this time around, despite the benefits, due to the fact that we were now on one income and co-pays add up quickly on the budget. So, I let it go, hoping the pain would get better. The pain continued to worsen over the next few months. I tried physical therapy, exercises, and stretches. Nothing seemed to relieve the pain, and believe me, it's really hard to chase after a toddler when it hurts to run or bend over to pick him up. So I finally gave in and resigned myself to the fact that in order to feel better, I was going to have to spend some money and go back to see Dr. Rao. The first couple of months were treatment intense and painful because everything was so out of whack in my body. Now we are down to one visit a week; the SI pain is gone and life is so much better. Had I gone to see Dr. Rao right after the pain first started happening, she could have rectified the issue before things got as bad as they did, but hindsight is always 20/20, right? The point is, chiropractic works, and works well, especially for pregnant women. For those that can afford it, it just makes sense. I am so thankful for Dr. Rao.


"The Value of Chiropractic for Me"

I'd like to share my experience of chiropractic care with anyone seeking information from someone with nothing to sell. In other words, I can be completely honest since I have nothing to gain.

I am 60 and work as an elementary school librarian. I play the harp and love to garden and walk my dog. I've had chiropractic adjustments most of my life, but it was not until I met Dr. Susan Rao that I got the help I really needed. Her speciality is chiropractic neurology, which turned out to be just what I needed. I was having a lot of pain on one side and she explained that to get better, I would need adjustments only to that side to balance the input my neurological system was getting. I had gotten to the point that I couldn't play my harp because it hurt so much to raise my right arm.
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After about 2 ½ months of adjustments, I was able to raise my arm and could once again practice the harp. But then I decided I wanted more. I had lived for many years with a dull, nagging ache in my neck that never seemed to go away. Dr. Rao suggested decompression therapy and I tried it. Although insurance won't pay for any part of the cost of decompression therapy, it is entirely worth the cost. I no longer have that ache in my neck, which has greatly increased my enjoyment of life.

Since cervical decompression was so successful, I decided to try decompression on my lower back. I don't think I got quite as much bang for the buck with the lower back decomp, but then again, I don't have knee pain that I was having from being a little crooked. Perhaps the cervical seemed better because I really needed it more.

I have been seeing Dr. Rao regularly for almost 3 years and it has made a huge difference in my life. I play my harp, have starting gardening again, walk the dog every day for about 50 to 60 minutes, and generally do anything I want to. This is very different from what my life was like before I found her. Her particular type of chiropractic fit me well, and I am so thankful for that. - Linda W.

"In the past 4 months, I have made truly miraculous improvements, more so than in the past 13 years!"

In August 1990, I was involved in an automobile accident and incurred a severe, closed-head injury. I almost died. When I awoke 30 days later from a coma, it was to find myself unable to talk, control my muscles, or remember much of anything. After many rehabilitative services and too many specialists to count, I found myself 13 years later still experiencing significant deficits in memory and numbness on my left side (head to toe). Not to mention continued problems with balance.
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That's when I found Susan Rao at the chiropractic clinic. In the past 4 months, I have made truly miraculous improvements, more so than in the past 13 years! My memory is more accurate. I have feeling in my hands and feet, which I never thought to regain. And, my balance is so much better, I no longer have to manage with constant dizziness and nausea. Thank you, Susan Rao, for giving me a piece of my life back.- Bruce A.

"I started the chiropractic adjustments and within the first 10 adjustments, I had already noticed a big difference."

My name is Julio Simon P. I am 51 years old. For the last 20 years, I have been suffering from problems of my spinal column: I had back pain, numbness in my hands, a lack of oxygenation to my brain, pain in the soles of my feet, pain in my hips, problems sleeping (I was only sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night), and problems with my intestines and digestion.

I had been suffering for 20 years until I met Dr. Susan. I went to her practice and she explained to me what type of problems can occur from a misaligned spinal column and how to fix it with adjustments.

I started the chiropractic adjustments and within the first 10 adjustments, I had already noticed a big difference. In a total of 20 adjustments, now I feel really good without any pain and with the desire and ability to do everyday things again. Thank you.

"I began my chiropractic treatments and that was when my life changed."

My name is Juanita A. I was always a very active person who worked very hard, thank you to God, but in the year 2000, I began have major changes in my health. I remember how tired I would get after walking. I had a supervisor's position with work, and I could rest some, but when I tried to stand up, I remember that it was very difficult and I would always have a lot of pain when trying to walk. My pain was intense. It hurt in my low back, hip and legs. It continually worsened. Several times, I had to go to the Emergency Room at the hospital.
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They told me that I had a lot of arthritis and degeneration in my vertebral column. They told me that I had 8 vertebral discs that were completely degenerated and that only if I had spinal surgery would I feel better. I decided to go with the operation because I had so much pain, day and night. They cancelled the operation for the first time due to complications of my diabetes, a second time due to anemia and a third time they cancelled it the day I arrived to the hospital stating that the risk factors were just too high. Well, I had to become accustomed to living with major pain day and night, with the fear that one day I would not be able to walk. My pain medication were not helping to dull the pain.

One day, there was a health fair, that was where I met Susan Rao, Doctor of Chiropractic. I began my chiropractic treatments and that was when my life changed. Now I do not take any pain medication and I am able to walk much better. Now I am able to do things for myself, including work in the house. And I will continue to come for maintenance treatments whenever I can.

Finally, I know again what it is like to live without pain. Thank you Dr. Susan Rao.